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Tulsa-area, new car shoppers have hundreds of vehicles to choose from. Even once a shoppers narrows down their search between a sedan, SUV, or truck; there’s still a wide plethora of options, in each segment. It can be an intimidating, at times frustrating, task to find the perfect vehicle.

While our team of auto experts, here at our GMC dealership near Tulsa, is more than happy to help any new car shopper find just the right vehicle; we realize we might be a tad-bit bias (have you considered a new GMC?). Don’t let our bias stop you from seriously considering buying a new GMC. We’re not the only ones out there praising GMC for their commitment to making reliable, affordable, and fun-to-drive cars. Autotrader recently released their list of “Best New Cars for 2019.” Unsurprisingly, GMC made that list!

The 2019 GMC Sierra firmly secured its place among Autotrader’s list of “Best New Cars for 2019.” Brian Moody, Autotrader executive editor, praised the 2019 Sierra’s new multi-function tailgate stating, “[it] adds several new levels of usefulness and ‘wow’ to something we’ve taken for granted for 100 years.” (1. Moody, Brian)

The Sierra was one of twelve finalists that made it on Autotrader’s list of “2019 Best New Cars.” There was no shortage of competition, with over 300 new cars, light trucks, and utilities vehicle models available.

In the award press-release Autotrader stated, “The Autotrader 2019 Best New Cars were chosen on a wide-ranging set of criteria, including interior comfort and materials, build quality, available features and ride quality. Each vehicle was agreed upon unanimously by the entire editorial and data team at Autotrader…These models truly have something unique that separates them from their competition.” (2. Autotrader)

If you’d like more information about the 2019 GMC Sierra, or any other new GMC model, contact any of our GMC sales consultants. If you’re looking for an incredible light-duty pickup, we encourage you to take the 2019 Sierra for a test-drive. Ferguson Buick GMC has what you’re looking for!


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