Introducing the 2024 Buick Envision: A Fresh Design and Super Cruise Technology

June 29th, 2023 by

Get ready for an exciting update from Buick! The 2024 Envision is on its way, bringing with it a stunning redesign inside and out, along with the highly anticipated addition of Super Cruise to the Buick lineup.

2024 Buick Envision Avenir

2024 Buick Envision Avenir in Moonstone Gray Metallic

Buick has chosen the Envision compact crossover as the pioneer vehicle to introduce General Motors’ groundbreaking Super Cruise hands-free driver-assist technology in North America. This means that Buick drivers will soon have the option to enjoy the industry’s first true hands-free driver assistance system, covering an impressive network of over 400,000 miles of roads in the United States and Canada.

The 2024 Envision will showcase Buick’s new sculptural design language, taking inspiration from the Wildcat EV, resulting in an eye-catching exterior. With a refreshed hood boasting Buick’s new body-mounted emblem, the Envision will proudly display its updated grille and front fascia. These design elements perfectly complement the Envision’s overall aesthetic and contribute to Buick’s commitment to creating striking vehicles.

This exciting update to the Envision is yet another addition to Buick’s rapidly evolving portfolio, solidifying its position as one of the most refreshing and innovative vehicle lineups in the industry. Buick continues to push boundaries and set new standards with each model they release.

While we eagerly await the release of the 2024 Envision, stay tuned for more information and additional details about this remarkable vehicle later in the year. Buick is ready to redefine the driving experience once again, and the Envision will be at the forefront of this thrilling journey.

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