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Here at Ferguson Buick GMC, we usually do not put too much credence in rumors or hear-say. However, with a significant amount of evidence, backed by credible spy photo shots, many in the automotive industry are confidence that GMC is on the verge of introducing a new small-sized SUV, with the nameplate Granite.

GM Authority recently wrote an article strongly arguing the case for an upcoming GMC Granite small-sized SUV. In the article Francisco Cruz writes, “GM has already filed to trademark the Granite name not once or twice, but a whopping three times – which shows that the automaker is serious about securing rights to the name.” [1][F. Cruz, GM Authority]

While GMC has not officially confirmed the release of a small-sized SUV, under the name Granite (or under any nameplate), we here at Ferguson Buick GMC cannot hide our excitement for the possibility.

We’re excited for the possibility of a GMC, small-sized SUV because, the segment fits so well with many Tulsa-area families.

If true, the GMC Granite would be related, in some aspects, to its Buick cousin – the Buick Encore. The Encore has been Buick’s volume leader for three straight years. And right here at Ferguson Buick GMC, in the Tulsa Metro, the Buick Encore has also been our highest volume Buick model for many years, and is on track to continue this trend for calendar year 2018.

Slotted under the GMC Terrain, in the GMC line-up, the GMC Granite (or any such model) would be highly welcomed by the Ferguson team. We believe such a model would fill the needs of many Oklahoma drivers who love the styling and confidence of GMC’s professional grade and who would enjoy the versatility of a small-sized SUV.

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Cruz, Francisco. “The GMC Granite Concept Was A Bust, But Is A 2020 Granite On Its Way?” GM Authority, 28 Aug. 2018,

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