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Truck fans, it’s time to stop living in the past. We, here at Ferguson Buick GMC, know you use your truck for a variety of different uses. Whether for work, play, hauling, camping, or tail-gating, there’s always been one limitation about older trucks that has not changed in generations – the tailgate. But, that all ended when GMC introduced the 2019 GMC Sierra and unveiled their GMC-exclusive MultiPro tailgate.

When it comes to the history of truck innovations, the GMC MultiPro Tailgate is one of the most notable, and most practical. Many are calling it the tailgate to end all tailgates. Yes, when it comes to tailgates the GMC MultiPro Tailgate is in a class by itself.

Not only is the MultiPro Tailgate a GMC-exclusive tailgate, it’s also an award-winning tailgate. Edmunds recently awarded the MultiPro Tailgate the winner of their “Most Innovative New Engineering Technology Feature” category, in their list of 2019 “Tech Driven Awards.” [Weaver 1]

In their announcement video [above], about the 2019 Driven Awards, Edmunds Feature Content Manager, Carlos Lago, of Edmunds, relates the GMC MultiPro Tailgate to a “swiss-army knife.” [Weaver 2] The MultiPro Tailgate offers six functions and positions. The versatility of the new tailgate offers enhanced solutions for loading, hauling and working. You can view all six positions and functionality here.



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