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Back in June, we introduced you to Buick’s all-electric CUV concept vehicle – the Buick Enspire. We stated, then, that GM hasn’t given us any clues if the Buick Enspire will actually go into production. Today, we still don’t have an answer to that question. However, we do have more evidence – thanks to the folks at GM Authority – that a production model of the Enspire CUV will soon be a reality.

GM Authority has snapped spy-photos of an unnamed, GM midsize CUV. An article written by Deivis Centeno, of GM Authority, provides more details of the mysterious GM vehicle. Centeno makes a strong argument that the spotted CUV is in-fact a Buick, and could potentially be named the new Buick Enspire. Centeno writes, “It would appear that the [spied] prototype shares several elements with the Enspire.” [1]

The Buick Enspire concept vehicle is a real head-turning. If this new, mysterious Buick CUV offers similar styling to the Enspire concept and gives shoppers an alternatively sized crossover; we suspect it will be an enticing choice for our Tulsa-area shoppers. We already know that more and more Tulsans are discovering the unparalleled level of luxury and styling found in a Buick.



Centeno, Deivis. “The ‘Three-Row Blazer’ Is Actually A Future Buick Crossover.” GM Authority, 18 Oct. 2018,

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