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Carbon-fiber is a material that is incredibly durable, and yet, weighs a significantly amount less than steel. For this reason, many automakers have considered incorporating the material in their models. In the past; however, because of its price tag, the material has generally been reserved for seven-figure super cars. That’s all about to change.

GMC will soon be bringing the benefits of carbon-fiber to the light-duty truck market, in the form of their CarbonPro truck bed. The purpose-built CarbonPro bed is the first application of its kind for carbon fiber composite. The carbon fiber composite material provides the most corrosion, dent, and scratch-resistant pickup bed in the industry. Key benefits of the CarbonPro bed include:

  • Payload increase
  • Rear wheelhouse liners not needed
  • Spray-in bedliner not needed
  • More functionality
  • More volume
  • Reduced weight
  • Corrosion-resistance
  • Strength, durability and scratch resistance

GMC Sierra models equipped with the CarbonPro bed offer an increase in payload over a steel bed due to the mass savings of carbon fiber composite. Payload for these models is at least 59 pounds higher, depending on the configurations and equipment.

Because carbon fiber composite is exceptionally durable, a spray-in bedliner is not necessary to help prevent damage. It also does not need to be painted, since the composite material creates a premium surface and is UV stable.

The CarbonPro bed weighs 25% less than a traditional steel bed, removing roughly 60 pounds of vehicle mass. Carbon-fiber is also extremely generous in its formability, allowing the Sierra CarbonPro bed to offer best-in-class cargo volume thanks to its sidewalls being pushed out farther.

Rigorous validation testing

GMC put the Sierra CarbonPro bed to an enormous amount of rigorous testing, in order to ensure long-term pickup bed functionality and durability. Examples of the validation testing include:

  • Generator test: High heat exposure involved aiming the exhaust from a portable generator directly at the corner of the bed to ensure vibration and heat would not degrade the bed.
  • Extreme temperature testing: Validation work was performed from the extreme heats of Arizona, to the blistering cold of Ontario, to help ensure CarbonPro holds up in unforgiving environments.
  • Snowmobile test: A snowmobile with metal studs on the track was driven into the bed and accelerated at full throttle with a 250-pound rider on board with only minimal scratching evident on the bed.
  • Corrosion test: CarbonPro was subjected to corrosion testing but carbon fiber composite is naturally resistant to corrosion.
  • Drop tests: Large and heavy loads were repeatedly dropped on the CarbonPro bed to replicate extreme use scenarios. Testing included dropping cinder blocks, 1800-pound loads of gravel and 450-pound water-filled steel drums from varying heights.

Sierra CarbonPro Availability

Sierra CarbonPro Edition makes a limited debut for the 2019 model year and is available for both the Sierra Denali 1500 and the Sierra AT4 1500. CarbonPro will be available in greater quantity on both trims for the 2020 Sierra model year. Ferguson Buick GMC is expected to get some of the limited, 2019 Sierra models, on our Oklahoma lot, as early as June, 2019.

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