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GMC has debut a new campaign entitled, “Step Up Like A Pro,” to highlight the new, innovating six-function MultiPro tailgate, offered on the 2019 GMC Sierra. To kickoff the campaign, GMC launched a new, minute-long commercial entitled “Anthem.”

In the 60 second spot, truck owners are shown converging on a hill top, carry their old, non-GMC MultiPro™ tailgates, while humming and singing along to the chorus of the 1969 hit song “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye,” made famous by the band Steam.

The chorus to “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” has often been played at sporting competitions; most generally, by the winning team’s side as the game draws to a close and the opposing team is all but assured defeat.

Of course, the underlining message of GMC’s new campaign is, with their new MultiPro™ Tailgate, the battle of the best tailgate is over, and GMC has come out on top. This message is reaffirmed, towards the end of the commercial, as the words “The Tailgate To End All Tailgates” appears on screen.

The GMC MultiPro™ tailgate is the most revolutionary tailgate ever, offering six functions and positions. The versatility of the new tailgate offers enhanced solutions for loading, hauling and working. The six functions include:

1. Primary gate – opens from the key fob, from inside the truck or via a button on the gate.
2. Primary gate load stop – helps prevent items from sliding out of the box.
3. Easy access – the inner gate folds down, allowing a deeper reach into the box.
4. Full-width step – the inner gate folds into a large step for easy access and holds up to 375 pounds.
5. Inner gate load stop – helps prevent second-tier items from sliding out of the box.
6. Inner gate with work surface – when opened, provides a work surface as well as second-tier loading.

New innovations, like the new MultiPro™ Tailgate, help cement the GMC Sierra’s status as the premium model among all trucks. It’s time to say goodbye to obsolete tailgates and step up to the powerful, full-size 2019 GMC Sierra.

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